Reply To: Child Benefit for children in another EEA country


Quick update on this:

1. I think the version of 1408/71 that the above link takes you to is out of date, because it doesn’t include (as far as I can tell) an amendment that specified certain “special non-contributory benefits” partly covered by the regulation. These include things like JSA-ib. I gather these are subject to only some of the rights otherwise granted by the regulation.

2. Strictly speaking, the use of the word “export” in this context is a bit misleading. Polish workers are not exporting their pre-existing Child Benefit claims: the point is, they don’t qualify for domestic Child Benefit in Poland on income grounds. That’s why they are able to claim in the member state where they are working. I think when people talk about “exporting” benefits they generally mean the other way round – claiming a benefit in your home country and continuing to receive it when you travel to another country to work.