Reply To: Child Benefit for children in another EEA country


Sorry to be a bit dim here but are you confirming that it’s perfectly legal for a Polish couple to come to this country to work, leave their children in Poland being looked after by whoever and claim Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits in respect of the children?

We have a claim from a Polish couple – registered as workers – they’ve applied for child benefit and are awaiting the decision. The address they’ve given for the children is their former home in Poland. They have also indicated on the application form that they are still paying rent on the former home in Poland and will be returning there. The couple have a ‘right to reside’ and we therefore don’t need to do HRT but surely this is non-sensical.

I’d much prefer to be working on the Costa if it meant I could claim benefit there and send my earnings and benefits home to my children.

As India Hicks recently said in The Times ‘ If Britain were a person it would be sectioned’.