Reply To: Childcare costs paid by HMRC – not eligible though!



there is no linking rule between the 16 hours element in WTC and us having to use that (unlike the 30 hour element – if thts in place on WTC then we always say they are working at least 30 hours regardeless and so the additional earnings disregards is applied, even if on SSP, SMP etc)

If  your wages show that her usual pattern of work is now fewer than 16 hours, then she cannot have the CCC disregarded (assuming she is a lone parent and partner isnt working)

And it may even nil her award as her tax credits will be quite high if they are still awarding this.

if there was a contractual change and her houtrs have been fewer than 16 since thn, then thats quite clear cut.

If she works for an agency or has a zero hours contract though, you may want to take a bigger sample of wage slips to average and average her hours over the same period as this may put her above the 16 hours average