Reply To: CIS


A lot of DWP staff are starting to use CIS at present and, as other people have said, I think they have underestimated the demand and not allowed enough server space (or whatever) for use by people accessing this application.
Also, I think DWP staff have access priority – which is fair enough, its their system, BUT (as a piloting LA), I would like to make the following observations
[list]The system, when it works supplies us with much more info than the RAT – this is to be welcomed

We have had precious few problems until the last two or three weeks
LAs were promised, correctly, a much improved system of access to info held by the DWP. They need to realise that it is not much improved if we can’t access it. I would suggest that all LAs make this point to LAST (I am sure that they know it already, and the fault does not lie with them, but this is our agreed point of contact) in the hope of something being done to address this problem

Having had a reasonable good rant, I have to say that I would not swap back to the RAT under any circumstances, except lack of access to CIS – which means that someone involved with the project at the DWP needs to sort something out!! 😈 :11:

Over to you ladies and gents! 8)