Reply To: Claimant in Coma!


Thanks very much for your replies.

Having checked Reg 82, I will write to the daughter to ask her to confirm in writing that she wants to be considered acting for her father.

Do I need her to get her to sign the claim form? I suppose with signatures being considered out of date by by the DWP, no auditor would pick me up on an unsigned form if I have the letter from the daughter.

Really pleased that I will be able to pay this claim as the landlord is notoriously nasty and I would hate this guy to have nowhere to come home to if he should recover and become able to live alone again.

However, if the claimant’s condition should be such that he is not likely to be able to return to the property, does the fact that he might still feel able to but the medical professionals don’t mean that the intention is still there and we can pay under the temp absence rule. I think what I’m trying to say is when does the ‘intention’ become unrealistic?