Reply To: clmt, dep daughter and daugters new baby….


If your claimant had the ChBen then there would be no problem with 3 generations in one household, she could claim the baby as a dependant along with the relevant applicable amounts.

I know it is splitting hairs but, we were always taught that the allowances and room allocations went to the parent claiming ChBen, which in this case is the daughter.   So I would have thought that , having parental responsibility, she would be expected to share a room with her child and that the child would be excluded from the applicable amount.  Unfortunately that would mean that your claimant would be penalised for the extra tax credits

At age 16, the daughter would be entitled to claim CTC in her own right as she is essentially a young person.

If the daughter is claiming ChBen, would this be seen as her claiming a "benefit in her own right", as she would be if she claimed CTC?  If the answer is yes, then surely she would be considered to be a NDep by virtue of her and the baby being a family unit, with student status, thus losing the claimant her own applicable amount.

I don't know what coding you would use for the baby in this instance, but apart from the obvious reason of losing her applicable amount, why would the claimant claim CTC for the baby?  Is there a vulnerability issue?

If so, would you then be able to, with a statement, decide that the claimant is responsible for not only her child but her grandchild and therefore add the baby to the household as a dependant.