Reply To: Copies of Correspondence sent to Claimant



I've looked at Reg 90 which states


  (1) An authority shall notify in writing any person affected by a decision made by it under these Regulations—  

    (a) in the case of a decision on a claim, forthwith or as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter;  

    (b) in any other case, within 14 days of that decision or as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter, and every notification shall include a statement as to the matters set out in Schedule 9.  

  (2) A person affected to whom an authority sends or delivers a notification of decision may, by notice in writing signed by him, within one month of the date of the notification of that decision (or, if the decision was notified before 1st November 2010, before 1st December 2010) request the authority to provide a written statement setting out the reasons for its decision on any matter set out in the notice. SI 2010/2449

  (3) For the purposes of paragraph (2), where a person affected who requests a written statement is not a natural person, the notice in writing referred to in that paragraph shall be signed by a person over the age of 18 who is authorised to act on that person´s behalf.  

  (4) The written statement referred to in paragraph (2) shall be sent to the person requesting it within 14 days or as soon as is reasonably practical thereafter.



As far as I can see, that reg doesn't state we must keep copies of anything sent – and if the regs don't spell it out, we don't do it!  🙂 

We can drill down into the system to tell what was said on each piece of correspondence, so if we needed to provide it for a court or similar, we could do that. 

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