Reply To: DCLG response to consultation on local support for council tax


I think for April 2013 the answer is hidden in para 3.17 – a default scheme, to be provided in Regulations, will take effect if a billing authority fails to adopt a scheme by 31 January 2013. This will basically replicate the existing CTB scheme (but obviously with the reduced funding).

I am very disappointed with the section on fraud, where DCLG don’t seem concerned to let LA’s continue with their current SSFA powers. It’s all very well saying that this is now a council tax issue and not a benefit but it IS a benefit and no different from UC except it’s being administered locally. Oh, I forgot, it’s not the Government’s money any more.

Another thing I am struggling with is having the right of appeal to the VT. If part of this scheme is to be designed locally, how can a national body deal with appeals and on what basis? It’s not as if there will be legislation covering it for WA claims. Will the VT chairman have to have copies of every LA’s scheme in order to conduct an appeal? I must admit, I was assuming that disputes would be by way of the Ombudsman or judicial review