Reply To: Death of claimant


This was the only response (from Gary Rodgers in November):

[i:a94daf0f2b]There’s a fair bit on this on the External Questions Log (new updated version) on the DWP website in the Changes of Circumstance section. The LAA reps on the LAA/DWP Working Group have raised some questions similar to the ones you touch upon. We’ve replied to them and agreed to send out further guidance once they are happy with what we’ve written. The next meeting is Thursday 4th, so with a bit of luck, we’ll be communicating the outcome with LAs shortly after that.[/i:a94daf0f2b]

I replied saying I couldn’t find anything relevant on the website and could he send me the further guidance referred to above. No reply.

As far as I’m aware there is no new linking rule being introduced to replace the old one. I notice there is a new change of circs rule for HB, so that changes that end entitlement always take effect from the Monday following the change (see Reg 14 of SI No.14/2004).