Reply To: Deprivation of Capital? Gave house away!

Kevin D

[this post was being compiled as Peter D posted]

Based on the info given so far, it would *appear* that the first and most fundamental question has been overlooked. The question being:

In “giving away” the property, was there [u:9ee7f2750b]a[/u:9ee7f2750b] [b:9ee7f2750b]significant operative purpose[/b:9ee7f2750b] [u:9ee7f2750b]in order to obtain, or increase, HB/CTB?[/u:9ee7f2750b]

If the answer is “no”, then there is no deprivation.

Note that there can be more than one purpose and that there is no need to establish a [u:9ee7f2750b]dominant[/u:9ee7f2750b] purpose – but there must be a significant operative purpose in relation to HB/CTB.