Reply To: Deprivation of undeclared capital.


I don’t think you need to worry about fluctuations as Rob has described – this is a hypothetical calculation, after all. What you want is:

1. What was the actual capital at the start of the O/P period, then add the undeclared £32k to this and calculate what would have been paid for first 13-weeks on that basis

2. What was actually paid in the first 13-weeks

3. Deduct 1 from 2 to get O/P for the first 13 weeks

4. Deduct the O/P from the capital used in Step 1

5. Repeat [i:94f4d077dc]ad nauseam[/i:94f4d077dc] for the remaining chunks of 13 weeks

Having established the capital figure for Step 1, there is no need to take into account any fluctuations in ‘real’ capital over the years for the purposes of the calculation.