Reply To: Derived RTR


when you say dissolved – are they actually divorced?

If not divorced, then she still has whatever r2r he has.

if divorced, she has at least primary carer stats from the child(ren) in education since a parent had worker statsus.

she may have a "better" r2r depending on how long married, how long spent in uk since married and hubbys r2r at point divorce provceedings started.

for example – if theywere married when  arrived in Uk in 2012 and he has been working since then, and they divorced this year, then she will inherit his worker staus as she "keeps" his status if they have been in uk for 2 years and the marriage was longer than 3 years long

The reason its iportant is beause the primary carer doesnt count towards 5 year clock for perm residency – everything else does..