Reply To: DHP Mid Year Monitoring

Paul Jones

It came out today with G9/2017

Discretionary Housing Payments mid-year monitoring return 2017/18

17. Thank you for providing your End of Year 2016/17 Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) monitoring returns. The information was published as an official statistic on 6 July 2017.

18. These monitoring returns are very important in improving DWPs understanding of how DHPs are being used to support people affected by the welfare reforms.

19. You are now asked to provide information in relation to the period 1 April to 30 September 2017. We are again, only seeking details of DHPs paid during this period; please do not include any DHP spend, which is committed, but is due to be paid after 30 September. Further details can be found in the DHP Guidance Manual and the ’Guide to completion’ tab of the DHP monitoring form attached separately as Appendix B.

20. In line with the approach taken on previous occasions, the monitoring form asks for the value of DHPs paid, broken down into welfare reform impacts and the purpose of the award, for example, an award made as a result of the implementation of the lower benefit cap with the intention of helping the claimant secure and move into alternative accommodation. If information relating to the purpose of the award is not available, LAs are asked just to record the total DHP paid in respect of the welfare reform listed.

21. We would also like to confirm again that the DHP monitoring returns should include payments made to both HB and Universal Credit (Housing cost) claimants.

22. Please complete and return the excel sheet monitoring form by Friday 13 October 2017 to