Reply To: DHPs linked to homelessness prevention / temporary accomm

Andy Thurman

I have had a number of queries from our Housing/homelessness sections requesting DHP support for one scheme or another.
Partly due to the budget but primarily in line with the basic premise of DHP, I have maintained that it is not appropriate. DHPs are not restricted by “exceptional” circs as per the old discretionary schemes, but cases should be judged individually on their merits.

We have 2nd stage homeless tenants who have, through no fault of their own, become subject to much higher rents following the necessary abolition of a “ceiling rent” scheme. As the budget could only return 6 or 7 families to their original financial situation (ignoring any other DHP claim made!) DHP’s have not been awarded to these tenants unless other ‘qualifying’ circs apply.

Hope this helps.