Reply To: DPA – HB Data used for other purposes

Julian Hobson

No diffiniative reply unfortunately. I think there are all sorts of concerns here not least of which is s123 of the SSAA 1992.

However if you work for the Isle of Eigg Borough Council and as well as being Chief Exec have Benefits admin and parking charges as some of your duties, how could you ignore the information you would know. This might sound like a really silly thing to say but, why should the size of the authority dictate the extent to which knowledge we have about our customers is shared ?

Many LA’s are looking at CRM systems to “manage” the customer experience. Obviously any LA that has a CRM system will be able to attribute (for example) a parking debt to a customer at the time it occurs and it will be linked to the address known to the LA. When the HB dept get notification of a change of address all the services associated with that customers will come with it and will in effect be in the Info sharing loop.

Makes a nonsense of s123 doesn’t it ?