Reply To: Dutch national receiving JSA conts

David Geeson

Hi, hijacked this post as was to give mine the same title.  Please can I seek guidance on the following scenario.

Dutch PFA.  Been in country since 2010.  Was in receipt of Maternity Allowance until 13/05/17 (first child born in September 2016).  Then applied for I.S. – refused failed HRT.  Received JSACB 19/06/17-19/09/17, was due review for GPOW.   Applied for I.S. again refused. She gave birth to her second child in August 2017.

She has provided non-continuous work history from the start of 2013, many small jobs.

We have paid HB for the Maternity Allowance period then refused as no longer retained worker status. I have received a reconsideration request. I'm guessing not but is she eligible for the JSACB period and/or any subsequent period as second child recently born?