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thanks for the responses, Cl was married but partner remained in Poland, where he died & she returned to Poland to sort things out in 2013. she remained in Poland the whole time.

She then returned to UK 2016 & has stayed here (with no help from public funds because we have declined her HBCTS claims – twice now) all her family/extended family have remained in the UK, some working, most not!! Her son, daughter and grandchildren are all resident here.  She has put in an appeal stating she has acquired right to reside from her PIP award but i believe you only have to provde you are habitually resident to claim PIP – as not means tested benefit??

I thought maybe I could look at her acquiring the right to reside as a family member or extended family member – i'm afraid i dont quite follow the definition of family members – double dutch springs to mind!!!


arghhhhh, i really dont like these sort of claims, the legislation is very complicated


thanks everyone