Reply To: EI Disregard in WTC- disabled and 50+


Thanks very much for all your replies,

I think i’m understanding it better now, and i think i will give her the EI disregard- but only on the basis that she gets the “50+” WTC. (And not because of the disability element)

Having re-read the new schedule 4 (17) (2), (i was looking at the pre 2006 schedule in CPAG and it is set out slightly differently), i think it is saying the following-

1/ Where the person gets the “30hr element” in their award of WTC- they get the EI disregard irrespective of any hours they now work, Sched 4 (17) 2(a)

2/ Where the person gets the “50+” element in their award of WTC- they get the EI Disregard irrespective of the hours they now work Sched 4 (17) 2 (c)

but 3/ i think at Sched 4 (17) 2(b)(iv) it is saying where the claimant…..”is……in remunerative work for on average not less than 16 hours per week, and….(his) applicable amount includes a disability premium….” they get the EI disregard. (ie it is not just tied in with specifically getting the disability element in the WTC, they must ALSO be seen to be working over 16 hrs.)

Do you folks agree with that?