Reply To: End of entitlement ETD’s


I too am experiencing difficulties with ETD’s via the RATS. My problem is that we are getting cases where the guarantee credit has been amended to income support t the weekly rate of £0.00. When I check the RAT the details are the same. I have spoken to the DWP local office and a couple of Pension Service offices about this. The Pension Service were baffled by this, but the local office did shed some light on it.

The upshot is that I have been told some cases (usually ones where Incap has been included in a previous life) are referred back to the local DWP office to process (I am not sure what for). When processed they will revert back to Pension Credit (guarantee) so I do not need to make any adjustment to the benefit, but I am not looking forward to trying to explain this to the auditors when the documentary evidence shows Pension Credit has ceased and i/s is in payment at the rate of £0.00 per week. These cases have all been amended with a future date (i.e. January 2004) “to give time for them to be processed”.

It’s all very unclear!!