Reply To: end of PC(G) ?duty to notify L.A


If you look further down reg 69 then it says at para 6
[quote:d911b12b4e]6) A person on housing benefit who is also on state pension credit must report—
(a) changes to his tenancy, but not changes in the amount of rent payable to a housing authority;
(b) changes affecting the residence or income of any non-dependant normally residing with the claimant or with whom the claimant normally resides;
(c) any absence from the dwelling which exceeds or is likely to exceed 13 weeks. [/quote:d911b12b4e]

Para 7 then refers to changes to be reported when getting Savings Credit only.
However, after that, para 8 says [quote:d911b12b4e] (8 ) A person who is on housing benefit and on state pension credit need only report to the designated office the changes specified in paragraphs (6) and (7). [/quote:d911b12b4e]

I think therefore the argument is that as this is not specified as a reportable change, then it is not reportable. 8)