Reply To: Entitled or not?


Eldest kid started school  september 2014 and she has worked since then – so she has primary carer status. so that means you canpay her

Is she married to her Nigrian partner?

What does his visa say ? (if he is EEA family member, then he has the same staus as her. If he has his own visa, that will dsay whether he has recourse to public funds or not)

what was she doing when she arrived in the UK? was she a family member of nyone (husband/civil partner/ mum/dad etc)was she claiming any state benefits between 2011 – 2014  – her 5 year clock may ahave started ticking in 2011

you need to know what she was doing when she finished work to establish if she retained her worker status – she was working again by Feb 2015 so had 6 months out – quite possible to retain worer status for that length of time

she wrked again for a year feb 15 – Jan 16 so she has at least a year worker status there – what happened in jan 2016? Why did sh stop work? Wp as it bcause she was due to have a baby? if so she can retain worker sttaus for up to 12 months

you can definately pay her under primary carer of a child in education – the rest is to stablish whether she has a perm right to redside, as primary carer doesnt count towards 5 year clock and should only be used if no other status.

low wages do not mean its not genuine and effective – if she is astudent, its likely she canonly work part time. It cN STILL BE genuine and effective though