Reply To: ETD’s 26/10/2003

Darren Tompkins

With all the problems with ETD’s some of my team had started to check ETD’s a bit more closely and have discovered that a lot of the one’s saying ‘PASSPORT BENEFIT IN PAYMENT’ are incorrect. Based on the AIF and details we previously held the customer should only qualify for Savings Credit. I telephoned LAST and they said there could be a problem with ALL ETD’s received up to this weekend when they load the patch. LAST also advised I ring the Pension Credit Project. I have been on the telephone to the Pension Credit project who looked at some examples I provided and they agreed that it did look like a problem. They are ringing again tomorrow with further news.

My problems are we have amended dozens of cases to GC based on these ETD’s before spotting the potential problem, and now dare not trust any ETD. How are we supposed to get any work done? Further to this, when we end up correcting these cases how do we explain to the pensioners (and other interested parties) why their benefit keeps changing?[/u]