Reply To: ETD’s 26/10/2003

Julian Hobson

have just sent this – will keep you posted :

“Gary/Jo – sorry to bother you both again about ETD/Scan. I don’t know whether you are aware but ETD’s dated 26/10/03 are blank save for NINO’s. I am told by a colleague in another LA that LAST have suggested that they are blank because no work was done that day, if that is the case why was the ETD sent ? LAST also called into question the integrity of ETD’s dated 27 and 28 of October and told my colleague to put them to one side !!!

The whole scheme relies on the ETD’s and this sort of advice is just not on. I am concerned that had I (and possibly others) not called into question the integrity of the first and second scan, and had accepted what I had been told originally, the errors identified which have prompted the third scan might have been ignored.

LAST and those responsible must be prepared to accept that LA’s do know what they are talking about and that these issues are serious. Such shoddy explanation and advice just isn’t acceptable.

Can you bring some pressure to bear and issue some appropriate and timely advice, including how errors should be corrected in relation to the potential for overpayments.”