Reply To: ETD’s 26/10/2003


There is a serious problem here between LAST and the Pension Credit project team. LAST are advising LA’s on the telephone not to use the ETD’s (PC, IS and JSA) from27/10/03, 28/10/03 and 29/10/03 because the files are corrupt because of something that the Pernsion Credit team have done on a fix.

I have spoken to Jo Wood at the Pension Credit Project team this morning and she tells me that they are investigating the 26/10/03 which are definately corrupt, but that she knows nothing about the problems with the other dates!

Back to LAST and they are still saying that it is the PC team that has caused the problem.

What worries me is that all this is on the telephone – there has been no official info from LAST or the PC team – they seem to be squabbbling between themselves.

Does anyone know of whom we can can contact to get them to get their act together?

My advice to LA’s is to bombard LAST and the PC team with requests for info. Anybody out there had any luck?