Reply To: ETD’s 26/10/2003

Julian Hobson

Received this reply from PS Project, so we will see !


Thanks for your e-mail bringing the blank ETD problem to our attention. We were first made aware of the issue on Thursday morning when we were informed that the problem was under investigation by our IT suppliers. We have subsequently been informed that the problem may have been caused by a scan that has been run to change the Standard Interest Rate used to calculate Mortgage Interest, but this is still under investigation. A fix has been scheduled for today (3/11).

I am sorry that you were mis-informed that no work had been carried out on this problem. In fact, as soon as our IT suppliers were aware of it they started their investigations. I agree that such an explanation is not only unacceptable but unprofessional and I can only offer my apologies. I will be discussing the level of information that is given with the people concerned. We rely on the LAs to information of any problems that encountered with the ETD to enable early resolution..

Once I have received confirmation that the problem has been fixed I will issue a “Dear Benefits Manager” letter advising that the problem has been fixed.

Wayne Norfolk