Reply To: ETD’s 26/10/2003


A message broadcast on the RAT on 31/10/03 stated that although the ETD’s of 26/10/03 and 27/10/03 were still being investigated, the ones from 28/10/03 onwards were ok to download.

I thought at last we were getting somewhere!!!

However today we have had an email from Ian Golds at LAST stating that there are problems with IS and pension credit decisions from 30/10/03.

I rang him to find out what is going on. He advised me that all the decisions for IS and PC with the problems highlighted in the email could be wrong. Wonderful! We have used these decisions in good faith!

This is an absolute shambles – when are LAST and the Pension Credit team going to get there act together? When are they going to communicate with each other? When are they going to issue us with some offical guidance on what to do with cases that may now be wrong?

To add insult to injury the Housing Direct issued last week was so self congratulatory in what the DWP are classing a successful implemetation – when are thay going to wise up to what’s going on in the real world!