Reply To: Exempt or RO decision

Neil Frazer

The care and support part of the regulations is not linked to Supporting People. That is to say, you don’t have to get SP to be exempt accommodation.

You could begin by asking:

1) Why did SP stop paying? Was it a value for money issue rather than a decision that care and support where not being provided? How substantial was the failure to meet standards? A matter of detail or not?

2) What form does the care and support take? How many hours per week per tenant? How many members of staff are required to provide the care? What are the objectives? What activities are undertaken? What records are kept of care provided to tenants and outcomes for tenants?

3) What arrangements do other exempt accommodation landlords in your area have? Is this particular organisation’s effort marginal in comparison?

All these are decisions you will have to take on the facts. I think it would be reasonable for the landlord to provide evidence when you bear in mind who much extra HB will be paid, and how much of that local taxpayers will have to cough up.