Reply To: Exempt or RO decision


SI 1995/1644 defines exempt accommodation as:

[i:0312aa89e3]”exempt accomodation” means accomodation which is—

(i) a place provided by a voluntary organisation or by a local authority in respect of which the Secretary of State has given assistance by way of grant pursuant to paragraph 4 of Schedule 5 to the Supplementary Benefits Act 1976 (grants for organisations providing places for purposes similar to resettlement units) and for this purpose “voluntary organisation” and “local authority” shall have the same meanings as they have in that paragraph; or

(ii) provided by a housing association, registered charity or voluntary organisation where care, support or supervision is provided by, or on behalf of, that body to the occupants of that accommodation[/i:0312aa89e3]

As far as I am aware, that definition has not been amended, in which case (as there is no mention of Supporting People payments – and wouldn’t be, as the SI pre-dates the SP scheme) I think you should still be treating the property under the pre-1996 RO arrangements.