Reply To: Extended Payment


[quote:6d3786e4ba=”andy_u_i”]This one will run and run…

Our external auditor has finally got his feet under the desk and is insisting that for EPP cases where IS/JSA ends on a Sunday, you end the HB/CTB on the same Sunday. Apparently our view is “just an interpretation”. The auditor’s view, however, is not an interpretation. Why? Because he is quoting what is said in the examples shown on page 312 of the Ward/Zebedee/Lister book (which I note makes no reference to the relevant regulations).

My colleague has now confiscated the auditor’s W/Z/L and given him a copy of the CPAG book…[/quote:6d3786e4ba]

Of course I did – coming up and using the noddy guide. Which clearly states is a guide and not a reference to the law. He hit this Council with a £50k penalty because of reading the noddy guide last year. He is not getting away with it again.