Reply To: Extended Payment Appeals


This is from the guidance manual…

[quote:96890a3628]HB/CTB EP disputes
9.130 The award or refusal of an EP is a relevant decision and is subject to the dispute process.

26 week condition not satisfied
9.131 If the only reason an EP is not awarded is because the Jobcentre Plus office has certified the 26 week condition is not satisfied, you may wish to advise claimants to contact the relevant Jobcentre Plus office for an explanation. However, this does not affect a claimant’s right to dispute the decision.

9.132 If, following an enquiry from the claimant, the Jobcentre Plus office

revises the decision, the Jobcentre Plus office will let the LA know
does not revise the decision they will advise the claimant. The claimant is then responsible for pursuing the dispute with the LA

I am not sure if this helps or not 😕