Reply To: Extended Payment with 2 day gap in middle


In my reply I had assumed that the two day break was a natural break rather than any waiting days. I presume that CIS records accurately show whether or not the award of JSA includes waiting days and what period they relate to. If it does not then, IMHO, there cannot be an EP. If it does then the important wording of the provision which, if I am not much mistaken reads as "entitled to, and in receipt of" has to be considered. Therefore I still don't think you can award an EP. I don't see that two days can match with any period of waiting days for the JSA claim and would suggest that the waiting days are included from the start of the JSA claim rather than falling between the end of the ESA claim and the start of the JSA award. You will need to clarify this issue with DWP.

Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................