Reply To: F-T tribunal directions to appellant-

Chris Robbins

Without the full facts it is difficult to tell.
In my experience, the vast majority of appeals are submitted where a LA is fully satisfied that its decision is correct both in fact and in law. There are always a few which will raise a genuine dispute as to either the facts or (more rarely) over the correct interpretation of a piece of legislation. One example at the moment could be something like whether or not Reg 12(B)(6) allows for a rent restriction on an unreasonable rent in a LHA case.
However, the cases you describe don’t give any detail of which category they fall in. They could have the potential to be either. I don’t know how good your submission is, how clear cut the issues are, and what view of the evidence the FtT Judge has taken.
Just as a general comment I have no problems with a FtT seeking further evidence and threatening strike out if not provided. From your point of view it really depends what has been asked for and whether that passes the test of reasonableness.