Reply To: Fair Shares in HMO?

chris harvey

Don’t see much of a problem here. The landlord is liable for the Council Tax. The tenants are liable to pay rent to the landlord. The landlord has to recover his costs of running the property (repairs, maintenance insurance, council tax etc) through his rent charge. His rent charge should reflect his costs and most landlords in my experience would charge their tenants a rent that reflects this. They would only charge different rents to reflect different room sizes or standard of accommodation. The landlords Council Tax charge is just another bill associated with the property and is factored into the rent charges of all the tenants irrespective of the tenants circumstances. I don’t know what the indemnity you mention is about.

All the tenants can claim HB on the rent charge. If it includes an element for the landlords council tax, this is eligible for HB. The level of HB will be dependant on the eligible rent and the Rent Officers determinations (Local Reference Rent etc).