Reply To: GDPR



Does anyone have any further information they can offer about their own LAs stance on consent (for HB and CTS claimants) under the new GDPR coming into force from May 2018?  We have a corporate team looking at this for Cornwall Council but the current thinking from a legal point of view is that our customers access the HB scheme and our CTS scheme through choice and so we should obtain fresh consent at the point the new regulations come into force.  We currently have a caseload of just over 50,000 so this would be a massively resource intensive exercise for us.  It also raises questions about what we would do with the claims if the customer does not provide fresh consent – suspend / cancel their claim?

To be fair our own legal advisors understand the implications of this and are trying to interpret the new regulations themselves.  Has anyone had guidance from their own legal teams on this particular issue which they are willling and able to share?

Thanks, Mark