Reply To: HB award = £0.49 do you get £15.49


Julian – Right, I get it now!

If the customer had a peppercorn rent of 1p per year, then after 7 April 2008, I suppose he could get £15 per week, subject to him satsifying the LA that he hadn’t fallen foul of Regulation 9.

If the customer’s current calculated entitlement is 25p per week, then again after April 7, 2008, he may well receive £15.25 (give or take dependant on uprating etc.) I suppose your second scenario is a little like a customer under the current scheme that fails to qualify, but attains entitlement in the following financial year following an annual rent increase.

Of course it remains to be seen how many customers will receive the cap rent +£15 – I would imagine many will find the appropriate LHA level lower and be paid that.