Reply To: HB/CTB start date for pensioners


The guidance may not be the greatest but the regs are clear cut. Claims are treated as made on 6th October 2003 or the day that the claimant or partner became 60 – whichever is later – provided that the normal conditions of entitlement were met at that date.

So, I like to think of it like this – what if the claim really was made on the 6th October 2003? When would you award from? The Monday following has to be the answer in almost every case – i.e. the 13th. However, it is possible that liability commenced in the period from the 6th to 12th October in which case HB entitlement would start on the 6th in weekly paid rent (or weekly multiple) cases or the date liability commenced in all non-weekly payable rent cases and all CTB cases.