Reply To: HB Decision Notices


If HB is paid direct to a landlord and is later subsequently found to be an o/p then the landlord should be advised that there was an o/p and given all the info about the o/p decision that is appropriate for him/her to have (as a person affected).

If the o/p wasn’t paid direct to the l/lord then he/she wouldn’t need any of the info and couldn’t be asked to repay it .

I cannot see any reason why a landlord should not be advised of the LA’s intention to recover the o/p from the landlord, or not as the case may be, when the o/p notice is sent. This is basic good practice – its not rocket science!

As for telling a l/lord to appeal after having had an invoice – that is bizarre! I would seek a meeting with the LA to get that sorted out.

It would be wrong for an LA to issue an invoice to a l/lord for an o/p without telling the landlord that that was going to happen in advance – so that the landlord could raise any queries or appeals he/she has first. This saves everyones time and money and again is just good practice.

Software problems are irrelevant – its easy to type a letter on a PC.

While making the right decision isn’t always easy its a lot easier (and fairer in the long run because you can put wrong decisions right) than making no decision.