I have a case where they are asking for dual liability, we agreed for the period after the date of move, but then the old landlord told us he was not charging after the date of vacation ‘cos he felt sorry for his tenant, so we just paid for the new address from date of move and stop old address same date. Tenant, with the help of old landlord, is asking for HB for new address prior to moving, says he could not move due to waiting for financial assistance from a community care grant for furniture. Tenant was in supported accommodation so is vulnerable.

We refused HB prior to move because it does not fall within the rules in Reg 7(6) 2006 regs for two home ‘cos the dual part only counts after you have moved to new address. We refused under HB 7(8) ‘cos not waiting for a social fund loan and this cannot be paid if already claiming elsewhere.

PS why does (eight) show as a “cool” emotion????

Old landlord is acting as rep for the appeal and has further muddied the waters by suggesting that he will now charge rent for old address if that will secure benefit than he will give it back to the tenant so he can pay arrears at new address!

G7 para 20 told LA’s to contact DWP for info on two commissioner pending decision on Reg 5(6) now Reg 7(8), but their reply was the usual, “up to LA to make decisions”. 😮

Does anyone know what these pending decisions are about and if it is likely to affect the decision not to pay prior to occupation if they have a liability elsehwere during that time?