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Hi Mark

As a professional advise running a very busy advice agency.

Take it from me we have seen hundreds of incorrect WTC awards based on previous years earnings.

Many people claimed last year (August – December) when they were working, now for what ever reasons (Sickness, redundancy, sacked) many have not worked at all in 2003, yet they have been given full awards from April based on previous years earnings.

Try telling someone single with £54 Incapacity and £42 WTC, or a single parent with there only income being WTC at £140 weekly and Child Benefit, that they should give it up as they are no longer working.

Overpayment are far higher that anyone can imagine, as we predicted in April 03.

Most think that this new WTC system is the same as the previous WFTC where changes did not alter the award for six months.

As a side issue the person with WTC & Incapacity who has never worked this year did get the 30 hour disregard in his Housing Benefit from this April.