Reply To: Heylo Housing – Are they a Housing Association?


There are 2 Heylo's… one is a registered Co-operative and Community Benefit Society and the other (which I believe Andy referred to) is a profit making registered provider (and PLC) based in London. 

Profit making registered providers can be deemed to provide social housing if they satisfy s69-70 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 and can have a mixture of properties that are treated as HA or LHA.

HB Reg 2 includes private registered providers of social housing in the definition of registered HA and HB Reg 13C(5)(a)(iii) exlcudes profit making providers of social housing from the LHA rules.

These may help?

Edited to add this link too:

Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies are registered societies and are defined as housing associations by s5 of the Housing Act 1985 and are eligible for registration as social landlords under s2 of the Housing Act 1996.