Reply To: Hospital down-rating from October


The answer to your question seems to be yes. Where both members of a couple are in hospital after 52 weeks the applicable amount shall be:

1) Everything listed in HB Reg 16(1) [as amended by SI2003/325 but unamended by SI2003/1195].

2) MINUS twice the sum of the “standard reduction”.

“Standard reduction” is defined in HB Reg 16(3)(a) as amended by SI203/325 AND SI 20031195 as being “20 % of the weekly rate of the basic pension…”

HB Reg 16(3)(c) is not amended by SI2003/1195 and says that the applicable amount for a couple where both are in hospital should be an amount derived from 16(1) REDUCED by twice the sum of the standard reduction.