Reply To: How long is temporary?


Whilst I appreciate what you say, Andy, in that it is a very subjective perception of a person’s situation, I think there is a difference in this case, and the one you use as an illustration (where I agree with you that a non-dep deduction should not be applied). 😉

Difference is that the people in your example did own another property which they (implicitly) intended to return to after the completion of repairs. Therefore no problem as accepting it as normal home.
In this case, as I understand the couple do not appear to have a permanent “normal place of residence” as they are waiting for their purchase to go through. It could be argued that this is their “temporary” “normal residence” untilm that happens, in just the same way that if they had chosen to live in rented accomodation during this period, this would have been the place they lived, and therefore they would be able to apply for HB. 8)
So its not what I expect them to do, it’s what they have chosen to do, perhaps? :15: