Reply To: I am I being too cynical…?


Oh Stainsby, you are a tease. I’m not looking to refuse the claim. I just wanted more evidence that the claim satisfied reg 9. The consensus seems to be that there isn’t much that can be provided to prove that it does and equally, there isn’t much to show that it doesn’t. So we award benefit on that basis. I’m cool with that because we have made our decision on what we can reasonably ask for; I’m less grumpy just now.

As for cash payments, well that’s fine too. In following Emmadring’s suggestion we will have asked for proof and we will have got a statement saying that it’s paid up to date, in cash and there are no records of this. If the landlord can agree this, then we have all the proof we can get. But at least we would have asked for it and got it.