Reply To: Improving new claim BVPI’s


I have to say that without my ranting hat on I agree with a lot of what jmembery has said, and his suggestions are certainly good ones, and ones that I’ll take somewhere if I can find a method of doing so.

I’ve been digging around the DWP site to see if I could quickly find some figures for how many authorities scored what in this BVPI last year over lunch, but the data proved somewhat elusive, so I’m not going to bother. If anyone else knows where it is, it may be interesting to see how many scored a 1, 2, 3, or 4 at the end of last year.

My suspicions are mostly based on talking to persons from authorities, who have told me that things like Peter’s suggestions do go on, but I’m equally sure that there are genuinely high performing authorities out there using methods like those that jmembery outlined.

Benefits is so complex an area, that I sometimes wonder if auditors fully understand a lot of what they are looking at. I suspect that sometimes it is relatively easy to pull the wool over their eyes due to the complexity of things.

I’m also not so sure about relying on the Customer Satisfaction Surveys too much, as if the customer has not known anything other than the way that one authority deals with things, and that has always been the way that they are dealt with, the customer may not give a poor rating for the service. Also people have remarkably short memorys (just look at all of those promises made by politians :wink:)

I think that I’m rambling a bit here, but it is late on a friday afternoon!