Reply To: Improving new claim BVPI’s



1) No it isn’t what all single figure LAs are doing. We don’t and none of the LAs that I am in benchmarking groups or have close liaison with do either.

2) Why is it totally illegal? I agree that it is certainly not best practice and not something I would countenance, but, as has been pointed out many times, in English law there is no need for corroboration. The Regs do not [u:28cae7032d]require[/u:28cae7032d] evidence and VF (as was) is just guidance. No reason then [u:28cae7032d]in law [/u:28cae7032d]why the change of circumstances could not be processed when a letter is first received even if no evidence is attached.

I must admit, I do get a little fed up with the regular implications that LAs cannot possibly be actually quite good at something and any figures showing good performance must be obtained through tricks or fiddles.