Reply To: Income Support and permanent residence


Thank you both for your posts.

We have conflicting information about the date she came to the UK, so I am not sure. She says she came here 14 years ago but then has advised that she worked in the UK 2001 – 2003 before IS was awarded. We don't have any evidence prior to 17/10/03 when her tenancy started and she became liable for council tax. However, when she made that claim in 2003, she advised us of her previous address which was also in the UK.

She says she worked 2001 – 2003 and left to have her first baby. We have no evidnece of this work and she is not sure who she worked for.

She has 3 children agen 14, 10 and 5 so she has always had a child under 5 (until recently hence her IS stopping). She says she has been unable to find a job.