Reply To: Income support suspension

Chris Cook

Kevin, thank you for the above.

We know the reason why IS is suspended as the claimant has income coming into her bank account from 2001-2006 that she will not account for. 2 IUC’s carried out, 2nd no comment. The matter is moving on.

One of the problems I have with the suspension of IS is that the investigation started in Jan 06 and neither IS or the LA have upto date information on the bank account since end Feb 06. If we do not have the current information how can the IS decision maker make a decision on current entitlement? The LA have now requested upto date bank statements but these have not yet been provided.

The claimant has a social worker who is now asking about the payment of benefits as the LA have issued a Notice Seeking Possession for rent arrears and a decision is likely to be made in the next two weeks in respect of possession proceedings.

The DWP investigator is in the process of obtaining details of all the cheques paid into this lady’s bank account over the last 5 years but this may take months, to get all this information together from the Operational Intelligence Unit.

No appeals have been made about the suspension of either IS or HB/CTB at present but I wonder if she could/should do so.

As the fraud manager I am not the person making the benefit decisions but I want to see the LA get this right in respect of benefits and welfare considerations.

Any further comments would be appreciated.

Chris Cook