Reply To: Interim Payments


I have received the follwoing advice from DWP in relation to interim payments:

“Thank you for your email to John Kennett regarding tax credits. I am replying on his behalf as I am responsible for the treatment of tax credits in HB/CTB.

We are aware that some claimants are receiving payments of tax credits either through their bank account or by way of a girocheque, without an award notice detailing what the payments are for. These payments are not to be taken into account as income until you are shown an award notice. All you can do is advise your claimants to notify you as soon as they receive an award notice and then action any overpayment as in circular S3/03. 

Due to a number of similar enquiries we are issuing a note of advice in the next issue of Housing Benefit Direct. Guidance on other issues is also due this week in the form of Amendment 8 to the Handbook”