[quote:c6cba41337]”Contrived” seems a very convenient shorthand for people to use in a forum where things are being discussed by like minded people.I think that we all know what it really means and it’s easier than repeatedly typing “created to take advantage of the housing benefit scheme”. Obviously not the sort of thing to do in any decision or legal paperwork.[/quote:c6cba41337]

I realise we are going off on a bit of a tangent here, but I make no excuses…

I agree with you to an extent Gerry, but the problem as I see it is that far too many people get used to using incorrect terminology as ‘convenient shorthand’ and then they [i:c6cba41337]do[/i:c6cba41337] use that shorthand in notifications. For example, at my present authority letters regularly go out saying that a new claim has been ‘cancelled’ and the reason is ‘Reg 7 – contrived’. Utter garbage.

As a CS&A bod I expect you have experience of training – as a trainer myself, I think it is important to stress to people that they should use the correct terminology. This is not pedantry, it [i:c6cba41337]does[/i:c6cba41337] make a difference, as the correct terminology tells you exactly what it is that’s being discussed. (And I have actually heard trainers teaching people about ‘contrived tenancies’ and ‘cancellations’.)

As another example, I was discussing a scenario with a person here yesterday who, in one breath, told me they had 20+ years experience in benefits, and in the next referred to ‘the cancellation regs’. Eh? Does that mean you have terminated an award using the suspension & termination provisions in the DAR, or you have ended an award by making a superseding decision under the DAR, or you have ended an award using reg 77/65 of the HBR/CTBR 2006?