Reply To: IS/JSA/ICB start date


I have tried raising this issue with our software supplier (Northgate), and quoted D&A 7(2)(i) and 8(14) as Peter has highlighted.

The response I have received asks:
[quote:93ed9375d4]I am not sure which version of HOUSING BENEFIT AND COUNCIL TAX BENEFIT (DECISIONS AND APPEALS) REGULATIONS 2001 your team are referring to however may I point you towards Supplement No74 (March 2006). If you still require further clarification regarding these regulations could you please refer to Adelphi and forward any guidance they send you.[/quote:93ed9375d4]
Before contacting Adelphi, I wondered if anyone knows of this supplement, and what it may contain. If it is just linked to the production of the consolidated Regs, then nothing changed in the D&A Regs, did it?